Who's in Charge of The Digital Revolution?

Digital disruption, transformation, thinking different...

...they’re all the same thing. And the thing they all hold in common is the fact that the status quo just won’t do. They call for marketeers to be brave, to test and challenge themselves – keeping pace with what their audience expects. No longer can brands tell an audience how to think – the audience are the ones in control.

The dawn of the home PC, the rise of the internet, broadband, mobile phones, social media, programmatic systems, the internet of things, smart devices, Instagram influencers, big data, artificial intelligence, augmented reality...

Seismic shifts in the way we talk to our customers, market our products, define our comms strategies and spend our advertising budgets have always been led by shifts in the world of digital and technology. Every industry and service has been affected, positively or negatively, by the change that creativity, data, code and technology can bring.

Stop waiting for the digital revolution to happen - it already has, and users are in control.



Businesses and marketeers have to move as fast as their audience, and audiences are moving and adapting faster than ever. Keeping pace doesn’t mean having to try and turn a big ship in the blink of an eye - instead, incremental and data driven marketing, designed to nudge an audience, and stealthy fit into their lifestyles is the way to kick start real and effective change.

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