The Real Role of Social Media

You already know you should be on social media, at the very least on the top three channels, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram... Maybe LinkedIn if you need to hit the B2B crowd. But do you know why?

Simply put, it’s because social media is where you’re going to find most of your users and customers. As millennials come of age and start to build buying power, social media will become the de facto space for ad spend. Born digital natives, they’ve bucked the trend of ad spend for eyeballs across traditional media – now they’re all about highly personalised digital experiences.

But what’s the real role of social media? It’s understanding all the little things about your customers that you might never normally get to know. In a recent campaign for Dailies Total 1 contact lenses, we targeted our bullseye audience with ads selling our product, and then made use of the data our social platform surfaces about everyone that interacted with our ads to find their hidden passion points, digging deep into what makes those particular people tick.

Armed with that knowledge, we started to target very niche sections of audience with diverse and sometimes obscure targeting parameters. Being so targeted enabled us to optimise our ad spend which reduced our cost per click and improved our click through rates. We’re constantly optimising the audience type, content types that work across any given audience or platform as well as ad spend. It’s more bang for your buck and then some.

The picture of your audience that social media allows you to build is rich in personality traits as well as being highly dynamic – keeping up with trends and cultural changes.



We all love to share – whether it’s what we had for dinner last night, the new car we just bought or the new job we just got. All of that information is shared across a variety of social media channels. Make use of our love of sharing by setting up test and learn campaigns, building a clear picture of your real audience. 

Talk to us about how we can help you build a social media strategy to sell your products and build audience insight.