Data Crunching

Depending on your industry, your data might sit in individual threads covering what products sell the best, at what time, and to what audience. Or what time you get the most engagement on your digital channels, what content type garners the most interest and on what channel.

AI pulls all those data threads together to form a single point of truth. It clusters individual behaviours to give marketeers a deep insight into customer behaviour and trends.

When Amazon recommends new products for you to buy, it’s using your own buying history as well as the buying history of everyone it can model against the same buying behaviour as you. This lets Amazon predict what they might have purchased next and which products were actually purchased. It uses the same modelling to understand where it needs to advertise those products to you and how frequently.

With a clustered single point of truth, they build the perfect formula to get you to buy. That’s one more purchase for Amazon, and one more data point for them to learn more about you. So they just get better and better at it.

AI can help the websites we build become fully dynamic, instantly tuning themselves as they load to the specific user’s requirements. Analysing device type, location, time of day, weather, demographics and social graph data to display content bespoke to each individual user.

Imagine trying to do that manually with multiple spreadsheets or systems, and doing it in real time. In the time it would take to get a meaningful point of truth, the data would have moved on, and the insight you’d have built would be instantly out of date.



You’ve got the data - do something with it! Join the dots between the various threads of data you own and build a clearer picture of your business, product and audience. Actionable and testable results should give you a roadmap to make your data more meaningful and useful.

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