Artificial Intelligence

If you’ve ever talked to Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa, you’re already using Artificial Intelligence (AI). In fact, if you’ve used Facebook’s Messenger app to chat and interact with a brand, there’s a high chance you were chatting with AI and not a real person.

At its most basic, AI is a super fast and efficient way of crunching through, and surfacing, lots of data and actionable results.

Whether it’s taking mapping data that allows self-driving cars to understand where they are, and what they can see with their cameras, taking medical data and predicting the effectiveness of treatment on cancers or taking customer data and predicting what product the individual customer is most likely to buy next.

It’s all code, but... like ‘super code’ that definitely had its Weetabix.



We think the most direct application of AI in marketing comes in two types, data crunching and chatbots.